For participants in the “ILCA U21 World Championships” who will be entering by land with motorized vehicles (such as cars, trailers, ILCA6, or motorized boats like zodiacs,…), the procedure is quite straightforward, as you can see from the following link:

Furthermore, the competition’s organizing teams will be at your disposal to help facilitate the procedure at the border (only PORT DE TANGER VILLE if coming from TARIFA – strongly recommended) during the competition period.

If you have not yet purchased your boat tickets, we recommend that you opt for the TARIFA-TANGER VILLE route if possible (this depends on the dimensions of your vehicle + trailer unit, see below) you will arrive directly in the city center.

If your units exceed the dimensions you must opt for the PORT OF TANGER MED from Algeciras. Also, we strongly advise you to buy your ticket from the FRS company (, it is a very reliable company.

For specific requests (doubts about dimensions accepted) you can contact them by email they are very responsive, they will give you all the steps to take: or

The maximum dimensions for traveling with vehicles from TARIFA to TANGER VILLE with FRS are the following. Make sure your trailer does not exceed this limit :

  • Maximum length : 45 meters
  • Maximum width : 5 Meters
  • Maximum weight : 13 Tons per Axle
  • Maximum height : 4 Meters (4.9 meters for boats to TANGER MED PORT)


  • Ensure that all documents are in order, Insurance must cover the moroccan territory.
  • In cases where the vehicles (cars, trailers, motorized boats, …) are not registered under the driver’s name (for instance, if it belongs to a company, association, club, …), make sure there is an authorization letter from the owning company granting permission for using it in Morocco.
  • The person who will carry out the customs procedures for Temporary Admission (AT) in his name, must be the same person who will have to carry out the procedures for the re-export of the vehicles (cars, trailers, motorized boats, ilca6, …).

No document is required for ILCA6 type boats, they will be registered at the border for temporary admission.